Friday, October 24, 2008

Old Red Antique Tractor in Watercolor

Old Red is a painting that I executed in 2005. I loved the repetition of circles in this piece. The textures of the old wooden wheels and the rusty metal surfaces was challenging and fun as well. You can look at the detail below to see some of the effects of wet washes to create the rusty areas. It took a few days to complete this piece as I layered many washes onto the shadow areas of this antique tractor. The original measures 13" x 20".

I sent this piece to the Texas Watercolor Society Show in San Antonio, Texas in 2007 and it won an award. You can see a larger view of this piece on my website and prints are available on my etsy site.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Classes Starting Soon!

I have a location to teach now, so classes will be starting in November. If you live in the Melbourne, Florida area and are interested in watercolor and/or drawing classes, please contact me at
I am excited to be getting back to teaching! I miss my students and I miss the challenges that teaching brings.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Painting of my Parents

This painting is called, "A Walk in the Park". It is of my parents, in Michigan, taking a walk in the early fall in their hometown of Greenville, Michigan. I thoroughly enjoyed painting the shadows that danced around them. I used lots of Ultramarine blue in this painting for the trees, my dad's hat, my mom's clothing and for the foundation wash on all of the shadows.
You can see a a larger image of this piece on my website by clicking here. The painting now resides at my parent's home, who got a big kick out the piece when I gave it to them this summer.

Friday, October 17, 2008

News about my Studio Clearance Sale

If you have wanted to purchase some of my artwork or prints, and missed my Home Gallery Show, I now have lots of items on sale at my shop. Click the link at left to enter my shop and find some great deals!
Because of our recent move to Florida, I just don't have the room to store prints any longer. I am getting involved in the very active artist community in my new area, and I will be teaching and selling originals only. You can also find a list of galleries that carry my work on my website at

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Settling into our New Home

We are finally settling in to our new home in Florida. (Melbourne Beach view, on a morning walk, at left). I have been spending some time getting to know the area, meeting artists, gallery owners and visiting the local art museum. I just joined the Brevard Watercolor Society and I am looking forward to getting involved with the group. I also just sent a membership form in to the Florida Watercolor Society. I met a local interior designer who owns a small gallery in the historic downtown Melbourne, FL. She has taken some of my work and will be representing me here in the area. Elizabeth owns the Silken Galleria. Please stop and see her and take a look at the original paintings of mine she has in the gallery. You can find a list of all the galleries that carry my originals and prints on my website: click her for gallery representation page.
I just finished setting up my area, here at our house, to begin painting!!! Can't wait to see how the new surroundings influence my work. I am actively looking for new venues to teach my classes as well. I will try to be better about updating my blog now that we are finally getting settled in!

Friday, October 3, 2008

We Have Arrived at our New Home!

We have finally arrived at our new home in Melbourne, Florida! I am living amidst a mountain of boxes dreaming of painting again soon. I have to admit that once I get my studio set up I will enjoy painting in this new environment. We have a pond outside our back door. At left you can see a photo of one of my new neighbors! The pond is residence for many natives including turtles, ducks, cranes and lots of Florida birds of which I don't yet know the names! Not only do I have to find a good place to get my hair cut, but I have to research the artist community here, which is large. I hope to join the Melbourne Watercolor Society soon!
I'll write more once we get a few of these boxes unpacked!