Thursday, September 23, 2010

Convolution - Newest Painting

This is one of my newest "poured" paintings which I call "Convolution". This is a fun, but challenging technique based on Jean Grasdorf's pouring technique. I don't actually pour, but I apply the paint to a very wet surface. I am finding that certain subjects lend themselves better to this technique than others. I just smile when I remove my masking and see the final result of colors blending into subtle mixtures!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daughter and Me

My daughter and I are working on a collaborative art project, remembering the years I was a single mom and she was a little girl. The project is dubbed "94 North Shore", which is the address of the house I owned in those days. You can view our conversations, sketches, and process as we blog together.
As artists, we have much in common, but the memories we have of our lives over 17 years ago are very different. We are learning so much about each other and enjoying the process of creating a body of work together.
Click here to view our project blog:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pine Lake Cottage Completed

Ah, the finished painting! I had such a great time creating this piece! Ironically, I camped at this lake as a child. As I was painting it I was reminded of how tall the trees in Michigan can grow. They produce a cool, dappled shade on the lawn and reflect in the waves of the water. I can remember the cool summer breezes off the lake, and the smell of the fresh air! I really hope this painting captured my emotions.

I have a small booklet on my etsy shop about How to Paint Trees. I have clear descriptions of how to apply watercolor in glazes to create the illusion of foliage. The booklet covers several different types of trees and includes palm trees, which I added when I moved to sunny Florida!

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cottage Painting Progress

I'm nearly done! Just a few more details and I'll be able to sign it, mat it and deliver it to my client.
This piece is feeling very good. I'm happy with the "sparkle" it seems to have and I've been able to keep the scene looking sunny. I want to add more glazes to the water to add some depth and texture. The water should be darker than what it is reflecting, so I have lots of room to glaze and play. Painting the sun spattering onto the lower parts of the trees was lots of fun.

I'll try to post the finished piece soon.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Progress on a Commissioned Painting

I'm making progress on the cottage painting. My foundational washes are all in and I have begun to add the texture and values to the trees.

The reference photos were wonderful and sunny, so I am able to incorporate a lot of color which will add warmth and interest to this big landscape painting.

I'm totally enjoying this painting as I am working in my comfort zone. It's like curling up with my favorite blanket and book on a cool afternoon.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Commissioned Cottage Painting

Recently I received a request to create a painting of a little cottage in Michigan. Since I have been experimenting with new techniques most of the summer, going back to my old method of painting holds a certain comfort for me. I am enjoying the tried and true techniques which have given me such nice results for so many years.

I am using photos from the client as references. She took wonderful photos, which really helps in creating a painting of a place that I am unable to visit in person. She took views from several angles and lots of detail photos so that I understand what each of the garden objects look like. The photos were also taken in bright sunlight which shows the nice shadows and helps to define the depth and dimensions of the subject.

Here I have lightly sketched the subject directly onto my watercolor paper. This should be a very fun piece to produce!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Students Painting of Palm Tree

Palm Tree by Barbara Simpson, Melbourne.

Barbara is one of my students and she sent this picture to me. She has been working on this piece at home. Thanks Barbara for sharing this photo!

I really like the angle of the view into the tree and the colors of the berries are varied and bright compared to the cool background. The movement of the palm fronds and the branches that hold the berries is nice also. Nice job, Barbara!

I love getting photos from my students on the projects they are working on outside of class. It is wonderful to see the growth in technical handling and the fact that each person's own visual voice comes out in a unique way as they learn to control the medium. I can teach and motivate, but the students have to do the work to get to a place where they can truly express themselves!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Quietly, sadly, remembering the tragedy that happened nine years ago in New York, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Straw Hat in Watercolor

This is another "poured" piece that I recently completed. I'm still experimenting with this technique and finding that certain subjects lend themselves better than others.

I liked the solitary feeling of this woman on the beach with the group of other people in the distance. The colors are happy except for the blues around the lonely woman. Her hat, and perhaps her thoughts are the only cheerful, sunny items around her. Perhaps she went to the beach for some solitude.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ginger's Painting

Ginger has been a student with me for about a year now. She pulled out this beautiful painting the other day to show the class. It is one she did on her own, using various references and employing several techniques. What a beautiful piece! Thanks for sharing Ginger!

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