Saturday, December 4, 2010

Watercolor on Canvas - Crabby

Now that the Thanksgiving festivities are completed, I can get back to a little artwork. I have taken a few diversions this week and played with beads and jewelry things, but I do have a new image to show from my painting studio.

This is "Crabby". It is a poured watercolor on canvas. The canvas was treated with a special ground to make it act like watercolor paper. Then I use the same pouring method I have been experimenting with for the past year. After the painting is completed, all masking is removed and the final touch-ups are done, I coat the painting with a clear UV coating to preserve it.
This piece is 16" by 16". The most exciting part is that the paint drips over the gallery wrapped edges and I don't have to frame it. I think the colors in this piece came out so nice.
Hope you enjoy it.