Saturday, September 12, 2009

Boat On River Lesson 8

Now that my foundation is complete, I can begin to work in a little detail, just one step at a time.
I have mixed little puddles of very wet pigments. One puddle is a bit of Permanent Sap Green with a touch of French Ultramarine Blue, another is French Ultramarine Blue on it’s own with some water, another puddle is of Antwerp Blue and another puddle has a combination of the above colors. These puddles are all very, very wet and pale.

Using a number 10 round, or larger, I applied a pull-push stroke to create some shadows and ripples in the water. The ones in the background are very faint/wet, and smaller in width. The strokes in the foreground are wider and more crisp.

I used a clean, damp brush to soften edges here and there to break up the crispness of the lines.
Be sure to look A LOT at your photo reference for clues as to where to add the brushwork, where to soften the lines and what color and direction the brushwork should flow.

If you would like to paint along with this lesson, go to my etsy online shop and click on the Online Class icon. For $5.00 I will send you the reference photos and the prepared drawing in a pdf file format via email. Then, you can paint along each day as I describe with photos and journaling, how to paint this little picture.

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