Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cactus Flower Lesson 13

Almost done with this painting.

I have worked glazes around the painting in blues (French Ultramarine Blue and Prussian Blue) and some glazes with Burnt Sienna, others with Hooker's Green and Sap Green. Whenever I add a glaze I tend not to cover the entire area. Instead I cover part of the area then soften the edge with water so that each glaze adds a unique depth to the painting. I added some New Gamboge to the top left green area to lighten it, warm it up and bring it forward more from the shadows.

I have used a Fritch Scrubber brush to gently soften some edges that are not in the focal point area and on the shadow edges of the leaves. To further develop the cactus flower heads I used Perylene Maroon in the deepest shadow areas under the flower heads. I think this piece is really taking shape!

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