Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Annual Watercolor on Canvas Final Stages

Now for the big "reveal"!
I use a masking fluid pickup tool to lift the dried masking. It is a great little tool, inexpensive and very clean and efficient.

I took the mask off this piece after only two layers because I didn't want to go too dark too fast. I wanted to see what had transpired and then go from there.

As you can see, the values are still a bit light. I love to have strong value contrasts from very light to very dark as this adds lots of drama to the painting.

I can still see a small bit of the graphite I applied, so I know where I want to add some darker glazes.

I used a variety of colors from my palette and glazed on white a few layers in small areas using a number six round natural hair brush.

Be sure not too scrub your layers on, just gently float them on. If you scrub, the canvas has a tendency to let go of the color previously applied. This is good if you don't like an area. With canvas you can lift all the way back to the white quite easily, but I didn't want to lift on this painting. I was happy with what was there - it just needed some punch.
Stay tuned, the big reveal will be in my next post!

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