Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Help Me Name This Painting

Okay, this is my latest painting and I just can't think of what to name it! Comment below and give me your suggestions and the winner will receive a boxed set of 5 cards with this image.
The winner will be announced next week.
Love hearing from you!
Thanks in advance for your submissions!!!
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Alex Zonis said...

I have two for your consideration:
- A basket case
- Brades and bunches

Hope you'll like one. But even if not, perhaps they would get you a smile :).

Cynthia Schelzig said...

mmm Alex beat me to the draw on Basket case....darn....
tisket,tasket,,nothing in the basket.
I am trying to think of something that has nothing to do with the baskets themselves...mmmmm..
Ready for the Market....or Ready for a Picnic....or On the Patio......or Baskets and Pots..........I would go to all lengths to receive some of your cards,,,can´t you tell:)...or how bout Waiting to Go or Ready to Go...or maybe just Two Baskets...or Picnic to Go..........Good luck...I can´t wait to see what you finally do name this piece....

Alex Zonis said...

Oh, darn, made a typo in my post above :(. I meant "Braids and bunches" not "Brades ...". Which is supposed to be a sound-play on the Brady Bunch - homey and happy feeling.

Mrs. G. said...

How about "Pot Luck" for the flower pots and the basic theme of a picnic?! Or "Summer Surprise" or "Waiting for a Feast" or "Filled with Love" or "Filled with Memories" Okay, I think my creative juices are running dry now. Good luck with naming your painting, it's beautiful.