Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunflower Lesson 8

Today I am glazing more greens over the leaves, adding subtle variations in the glazes with water to create the illusion of volume and shape.
I have also used Permanent Alizarine Crimson to the bottom of the stem. I worked a very small area with rich, wet color, then quickly washed clear water along the sides to soften the edges.

Using VanDyke Brown and Burnt Sienna in separate glazes, I work in more details on the flower head and flower petals. I want to be sure that I leave some of the yellows and small bits of the white of the paper shining through to provide a sparkle and vitality to the finished piece. I used the VanDyke Brown to glaze in more shadows under the flower on the top of the stem and to the shadow sides of the stem.

I also worked a thin wet wash of Hooker's Green over the leaves to tie them together a little more.

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