Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another Little Palm Frond

Another Little Palm Frond

Ah, it has been too long...
This piece is five by five inches, and it is watercolor on canvas. Yes...on canvas. I've been playing with pouring watercolor, well, I splatter more than I pour, but I have been experimenting with this technique on canvas also. So much fun.

The canvas must be treated with a white absorbent ground, then it will accept the watercolor pigments and even masking fluid beautifully. Once the painting is completed it must be sprayed with a UV clear coat to protect it.

One feature I love about the completed paintings executed on canvas is that the paint drips over the edge and creates beautiful color blends on the sides of the gallery-wrapped canvas. They are too pretty to cover with a frame!

This piece was just listed on my etsy shop and I have another one there also, which is a miniature on canvas.

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