Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Parrot Study in Watercolor Number 11

Finally, time to work on the details!
I used a physical mix of VanDyke Brown and Indigo to create the very dark values on the bird's beak.
I allowed the pigment to settle a little at the bottom to create a subtle shadow. This was dried before the next step.

I used a very, very wet mixture of Winsor Red and water to create a pinkish tint on the birds light face, around the eye and on the light area of the beak. Again this has to dry.

Dry with a hair dryer if you want to continue to work in the area next to your last application of paint. If you drop wet paint next to a wet area, it will spread very quickly where you don't want it.

If this happens, quickly place a clean, dry paper towel onto the area. Just press, don't rub. This should lift most of the color off. Then, dry thoroughly before applying more color.

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