Saturday, February 7, 2009

Parrot Study in Watercolor Number 8

I wanted to demonstrate how to add some foliage to the background. I used a number 10 round brush with a good point to produce these leaves. I call this a pull-push stroke. I start at the outer edge of the painting and press a little on the fully loaded, wet brush as I pull it into the painting with a curve motion. As the stroke is pulled I lift on the brush to create a varied width and then lift higher to bring it to a point.

This stroke is great for making calligraphic marks. To make that type of a mark, as you pull the brush toward you press down and lift up so the bristles deposit wider pigment, then thinner, then wider. The brush can be twisted while pushing and pulling also.

Once these leaves were dry, I added a touch of Perylene Green for shadow areas.

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