Sunday, February 22, 2009

Splash Watercolor Show Brevard Watercolor Society

Yesterday, Saturday, I painted a demonstration painting at the Brevard County Watercolor Society Show. The project was called "Five for Five" as there were five artists who each painted five objects. We took photos earlier and each set up our own paintings of the five objects independently of one another.

After taking nearly 100 digital photos last week. I decided to compose my painting to focus on the lovely shadows that appeared due to the fact that I took the photos outside in the bright afternoon sunlight. Before coming to the show, I added some masking tape and masking fluid so that I could flood color onto the painting more quickly without having to paint around the little bits of light that I wanted to save. You will see a hint of the yellow masking around the square container and the bits of light within the shadow it casts.

As I often do, I began the painting by laying in a foundation of
shadows in French Ultramarine Blue and a bit of Prussian Blue.

Next I began to add some yellows to the areas that will eventually become the copper pot, candle stick and the green leaves.

Now I have added some Quinicridone Magenta and some Burnt Sienna to the leaf tips and to the brass objects. I also added some Quinicridone Gold to the brass areas and to the small clay pitcher near the center of the painting.

Next, I have gone back with some darker blues to enhance shadow areas. I have also used Burnt Sienna and VanDyke Brown to warm up the brass pots and to deepen the warmer area values.

I used a physical mixture of VanDyke Brown and Perylene Maroon to warm up the shadow areas and to deepen the values. Since we had only two and a half hours to work on these pieces, plus people were watching us paint, which means I was having conversations with folks and painting at the same time...
Anyway, I did not complete the piece as I would have liked, but this is the end result.

This was such a fun event. If you would like to learn more about the Brevard Watercolor Society please visit their website:

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