Saturday, March 21, 2009

Palm Tree on Indian River Lesson 7

Here I used Van Dyke Brown to add some detail to the trunk of the tree, and to work in shadow areas around the painting. I used it to glaze over the blue shadows that I applied in the last glaze. This warms them up and deepens the value even more. Just applying the same color will only make the paint thick, it won't make it darker. To increase the value of a color, I use a color opposite in temperature as a glaze. For example, if I have used a blue for shadow areas, but I want the color to be darker than what I can produce with that blue, I will glaze over the blue with a warm color like Van Dyke Brown or Burnt Sienna. I works like magic!

At this stage I also worked around the painting to clarify values, clean up edges and to paint light value glazes over some of the harsh, masked areas of the tree and grasses. A wet, light value over these areas will soften the edges of the crisp, masked marks.
I used Burnt Sienna and Quinicridone Gold for the buildings, again, not putting in details, just basic shapes.

To see the beginning stages of this painting you can visit the previous posts for this blog.

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