Sunday, March 1, 2009

River Scene In Watercolor No.5

Here I have used some Burnt Sienna, Quinicridone Gold and some of the green mud on my palette to work along the bank of the river, add the lily pad shadows (not the pad's details) and to add a little more textured glazing in the water.

Using Perylene Green and Hooker's Green, I have added more detail work to the lily pads, the bank, the trees and the reflections in the water. At this stage, I also decided that the first application of French Ultramarine Blue in the trees was a bit overwhelming, so I used a synthetic brush to moisten and lift
(also using a paper towel to gently lift off the excess color). This softened and lightened the blue so that it is not so heavy and will be more transparent for subsequent layers.

To see the previous steps to this painting, please visit my last few postings.

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