Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scooter and Riley Lesson 19

Now the values in this painting are really beginning to take shape.

I noticed that I had left out the sparkle in some areas of the dog's eyes. To fix this problem, I used a tiny scrubbing brush, a number 2 Fritch Scrubber, to gently lift out a very tiny sparkle in the corner of the eyes. If you find that you need to lift an area in the dog's eye's, use great care to lift only a very tiny spot. I wet the scrubber, tap it once on my paper towel so that it does not drip onto the painting, and work a very tiny, gentle motion where I want to lift. Then, I quickly touch the area with a paper towel to lift off the loosened pigment. It's nearly impossible to lift the pigment back to absolute white, but it isn't necessary. 

This technique creates a little light area in the eye which is reflecting the light source. Be sure to lift in the relative same area of the eye that the light spot is located in the other eye. What I mean is that if the light spot on one eye is on the upper left (reflecting the light source) be sure to lift the other spot from the upper left in the other eye.

This glimmer of light will enhance the wet-look of the eye and will accentuate the fact that the eye is a round, moist object.

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