Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunlit Coconuts Lesson 7

Using the various colors that were implemented in the previous washes from the beginning, I begin to develop the darker values and details around the piece.

Look carefully at your reference and compare your painting so far with the reference. Search for areas that require warmth in color and add the Burnt Sienna, Winsor Red and VanDyke Brown. Look for areas that can be pushed cooler and use the greens and blues. You can introduce other colors here if you like. 
Pay attention to the shadow sides of the vines and paint in little half-moon and semi-circular shapes to indicate some of the intricate depressions in the vines. Soften edges with a clean, damp brush here and there to create depth and soft details.

When softening an edge, pull the clean, damp brush INTO the still-moist pigment. If you pull from the pigment to the clean paper, you will only pull the pigment out, dilute it, and create another crisp edge. If you pull the water INTO the pigment from the dry area, the edge will be softened without dragging the pigment out where it isn't desired.

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